Professional retraining - Osons Ensemble 2021
15 Oct 2020

SoColibris & Mindgility - Innovative training to dare professional retraining

There is no shortage of offers to support professional retraining: skills assessments, entrepreneurship support programs, 'upskilling' type support.

It seemed to us that an essential facilitation was missing: that of helping retraining people to DARE with confidence:

  • Dare to think differently and open up the field of possibilities
  • Dare to exchange, share, ask for help, feedback, and learn together.
  • Dare the imbalance, the incompetence essential to any new learning.
  • Dare with CONFIDENCE and CONSCIOUSNESS in its resources, its capacities.

And we have dared to develop an innovative educational approach that links the psycho-corporal approach of sophrology and that of neuro-coaching.

An adapted concept, both collective and individual, which includes:

  • collaborative learning space in the form of a user-friendly interactive virtual platform.
  • From Lunch & Learn workshops: experiential, with short learning capsules combining neuro-coaching and sophrology approaches for learning and 'learning and learning'.
  • individual coaching follow-up during the training period, tailored to individual needs to boost your development.
  • From learning between participants through exchanges, meetings, unforeseen events ...

To find out more: SoColibris page / Osons ensemble en 2021

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