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  • Professional support
  • Respect for our differences and those of our customers
  • Humanity and benevolence
  • Autonomy and empowerment of our customers.

Why SoColibris?

Do you know the Native American legend of the hummingbird?

One day there was a big forest fire. All the terrified animals, aghast, watched helplessly disaster. Only the little hummingbird was bustling about, fetching a few drops of water with its beak to throw them on the fire.

After a while, the armadillo, annoyed by this derisory agitation, said to him: “Hummingbird! You're not crazy ? It is not with these drops of water that you are going to put out the fire! ” And the hummingbird replied, "I know I can't do it on my own, but I'm doing my part."

The hummingbird, it's you, it's us, each doing their part, at our own scale, at our own pace and in complete freedom, in an individual but also as collective journey.