Corporate sophrology workshop - Increase efficiency at work


These workshops are centered on the development of capacities by involving ''the head and the body'': concentration and efficiency at work; using the energy of emotions; knowing how to listen and knowing how to listen to oneself; get involved and bring your values to work; self-control and difficult situations; etc


  • Individual
  • In Group


  1. Concentration at work in a digital environment: The tools of sophrology.
  2. Emotions at work: vital energy.
  3. Knowing how to listen and knowing how to listen to oneself: The tools of sophrology.
  4. A creative and open mind in a relaxed body.
  5. Mental agility and sophrology.
  6. Cultivating your intuition at work: the tools of sophrology.
  7. Get involved and bring your values to work.
  8. Self-control and management of difficult situations at work.


  • at your workplace/business, in Luxembourg, France & Belgium
  • at the Socolibris office in Luxembourg city
  • online


  • French
  • English (on request)
  • Romanian (on request)
Nadege Ravoux, coach, sophrologist & trainer

Nadège Ravoux

Sophrologist certified RNCP level III

Graduated from CEAS Paris. Member of the Federation of Professional Schools of Sophrology.

Member of Union of Professional Sophrologists.

Concentration and relaxation therapy specialisation.

Trained and certified to support people facing burnout with sophrology techniques and practices.

Support within companies.

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Adapted to the reality of the company, its culture and its environment, sophrology helps employees find their resources, anchor themselves in the positive and provide a space for emotional resilience if necessary.
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