Who can practice sophrology?

The Adults, pregnant women, seniors, teenagers and children from 5-6 years old. Practice and exercises adapt to all capacity levels and to different states of health.

How does an individual session take place?

Our first session is mainly an exchange, dedicated to defining expectations and objectives.

The other sessions proceed as follows:
• A dialogue to discuss and take stock.
• A convenient which includes a relaxation phase and specific exercises.
• A post-practice dialogue during which you describe your impressions and feelings.
• We give you a recording and a summary sheet.

We agree on the exercises to be applied, and discuss the next steps.

In practice, how to dress and prepare?

No special clothing is necessary, nor any equipment.
Sophrology is practiced in a standing, seated position, more rarely lying down.

How many sessions are needed?

The required number of sessions is variable andalso depends on demand. Sophrology is a practice and a training. As a sophrologist, our goal is to support the person towards autonomy.

To sleep better, know how to relax, feel good, its effects and benefits can be seen after only 3 to 5 sessions.

Where do the sessions take place?

- In our office in Luxembourg city, Kirchberg.
- At your home on request.
Online if you can't or don't want to move.
At your workplace, at a company.
Outside : in a park or in the forest if you wish and conditions allow it, etc.

At what time of the day?

Depending on your request, we will adapt the hours to your needs, your daily rhythms and our respective agendas!

In a group or individually?

The sessions of group relaxation therapy (in a company, at your workplace, outside) allow you to experiment with essential practices and share your experience with other people, in all kindness and conviviality. They are not tailored to meet a specific individual goal.

The individual sessions are adapted to your request and your personal objectives and allow a completely individualised follow-up.

Sophrology: when I feel bad or when I feel good?

We often support people who are not feeling well, who may be sick, in pre-burnout or post-burnout or who are going through a difficult period.

According to wise adage 'Prevention is better than cure', we encourage anyone interested to consult us too to acquire useful tools for manage daily stressnot; develop their performance; develop their life projects; his creativity; blossom; learn better, etc.