Sophrology session, stress management relaxation

Relaxation and stress management

  • In prevention of burnout or post burnout
  • Optimise recovery and performance.
  • Get back to sleep.
  • Have tools for more well-being on a daily basis

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Sophrology session self-confidence potential development

Self-confidence and development of potential

  • Improve your life balance (personal, professional life)
  • Achieve your current goals
  • Develop your self-confidence in the face of difficulties
  • Overcome your fears

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High potential sophrology session

High potential adult

  • Better understand, live and use your emotions
  • Develop your self-confidence
  • Creativity, intuition and body
  • Live and uphold life's core values

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Sophrology support cancer and disease

Disease / cancer support

  • In partnership with Europa Donna Luxembourg, as part of supportive care, for people with breast cancer
  • Live better with pain
  • Preparing for medical examinations, focusing on your resources

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Discover 5 reasons to choose Socolibris

1. Sophrologist accredited with a diploma recognised by FEPS, member of the trade union association.

Recognition of RNCP level III accreditation, with additional specialisations.

2. A multidisciplinary openness

In addition to sophrology, our practice is open and is enriched by other approaches: professional coaching, company training, positive psychology, training in narrative practices.

3. Our practice of sophrology is applied to the reality of the professional world, to everyday life.

Being a parent, responsible for a small business, developing our services, and multitasking is also part of our daily lives.

4. Collaboration with other professionals

If we believe that sophrology is not the most suitable approach or if necessary, we recommend or refer you to other professionals.

5. You have the potential, our goal is your autonomy.

Our support is limited in time, we offer a number of sessions from the start of the support, you are free to stop at any time.

Do you think sophrology can help you?