Do you work with your head or with your body?

The head, body and heart are always involved at work. Stress is a normal phenomenon of adaptation to our environment and is inherent in professional and personal life. Good stress forces us to proceed step by step and choose the right direction to achieve goals or find solutions.
On the other hand, chronic stress, poorly managed, will disrupt regulated behaviour, increase the risk of depression, addictive behaviour and burnout.
Sophrology allows having simple tools for daily relaxation, to understand and better manage our reactions under stress, to cultivate thoughts and a positive mind in the face of situations that we consider stressful. See also our pages:

Stress, mental load, new technologies and concentration at work

In Luxembourg, 7 out of 10 employees say they perform several tasks at the same time (Source: Luxembourg Chamber of Employees report. Better Work index report. 2017 & 2018).
In the same report, 25 out of 100 employees declared themselves at risk of burnout. In the same 2019 survey, the mental load represented a strain on the job for 69% of employees, and the emotional load for 53%, with a clear tendency to increase.

Employees are not trained to manage this growing mental load, also linked to the use of new technologies, infobesity and new means of communication.

Sophrology offers concrete tools and techniques to learn and apply to develop your capacity to manage these constraints.

Stress of educators, teachers, caregivers and caregivers

The emotional burden of the education, teaching, health and personal care professions is strong. The individuals who exercise these essential and meaningful professions for our societies have the motivation to help others, to support learning, to relieve the suffering of others, to create links.
These professionals generally do not have the tools or simple practices for managing stress and managing the emotional load on a daily basis.
We are committed to offering them professional, tailored and specific workshops and training.
This is why we offer sophrology workshops, professional training and specific individual sessions for these professions.

Creativity, mental agility, intuition, adaptation

Certain sophrology practices develop these capacities. The connection between the head and the body, these practices help the person to connect to his feelings, to his initial perception to then become aware of his thought patterns and to open the field of possibilities.

Workshops with professional sophrologist

RNCP level III sophrologist, specialised in sophrology and concentration. EMCC accredited practitioner professional coach.

Adapted to the reality of the company, its culture and its environment, sophrology helps employees find their resources, anchor themselves in the positive and provide a space for emotional resilience if necessary.

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