Sophrology workshop - Stress management at work


The head, body and heart are always involved at work. Stress is a normal phenomenon of adaptation to our environment and is inherent in professional and personal life. Good stress forces us to proceed step by step and choose the right direction to achieve goals or find solutions.

On the other hand, chronic stress, poorly managed, will disrupt regulated behaviour, increase the risk of depression, addictive behaviour and burnout.

Sophrology allows both to have simple daily relaxation tools, to understand and better manage our reactions under stress, to cultivate thoughts and a positive mind in the face of situations that we consider stressful.



These individual sessions make it possible to support the person at work on his specific needs with an individualised approach.


Provide employees with useful tools for daily stress management and to discover or practice relaxation therapy together. Each workshop has a specific theme and participants receive a summary sheet and a recording.


  • Dynamic relaxation at work
  • Mental load management
  • emotions and stress
  • Negative stress and positive stress
  • Using breathing for more well-being at work


  • at your place of work/company, in Luxembourg, France & Belgium
  • at the SoColibris office in Luxembourg city
  • online


  • French
  • English (on request)
  • Romanian (on request)

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    Nadege Ravoux, coach, sophrologist & trainer

    Nadège Ravoux

    Sophrologist certified RNCP level III

    Graduated from CEAS Paris. Member of the Federation of Professional Schools of Sophrology.

    Member of Union of Professional Sophrologists.

    Concentration and relaxation therapy specialisation.

    Trained and certified to support people facing burnout with sophrology techniques and practices.

    Support within companies.