Sophrology workshop - Stress management at work

Workplace stress management workshop

A normal phenomenon of adaptation, badly managed stress can become a handicap at work. Chronic, it can generate diseases, affect cognitive abilities, lead to burnout...

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Corporate sophrology workshop - Increase efficiency at work

Workshop increase work efficiency

Head, body and heart are always involved at work. Mental and emotional load, difficulty concentrating, multitasking: sophrology provides tools...

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Meet Nadege Ravoux, RNCP level III sophrologist, specialised in sophrology and concentration. EMCC accredited practitioner professional coach.

Why use sophrology in businesses?

Well-being at work increases the performance of companies*.
Sophrology makes it possible to act on certain levers, individual and collective.
BEING at work is as important as DOING. Developing personal skills to BE WELL are essential skills for collective effectiveness.
Sophrology in Business