Paying attention to breathing has a very important impact on my physical state (…) Guided imagery is very interesting and pleasant. As done during the demonstration session, the same pleasant memory came to me, I think this is a resource that is now ingrained in me.

SIMONA from Luxembourg

It was my first experience of having a personal trainer. I was wondering if it was worth it but in the end the answer is simple: Yes,! I managed to get out of repeating situations with a new look. With simple techniques and tools, I was able to distance myself from the problems and anxieties I was experiencing and feeling at this time in my life. A step to advance more serenely on my personal journey. And the discovery of things that I was unaware of in my personal life and professional life, in this difficult phase.
Coaching helped me to strengthen my confidence and my self-esteem and promote a better knowledge of myself.

MAGALIE, Luxembourg


I realized the importance of taking care of yourself, of listening to yourself. Before, I had a tendency to force myself to do things, which lead me to sometimes have tachycardia. Now when I'm tired or sick, I stop and lay down. Currently, I work a lot on breathing, eye movements, jaw movements or even positive thoughts.

CHANTAL from Luxembourg

Sophrology has helped me channel my stress, relax and stay calm, especially at school. We worked a lot with my breathing with the use of inhaling and exhaling exercises; and also with mental visualization and with exercises making use of the body, to focus one's attention. Sophrology allowed me to gain self-confidence but also to work in an organised manner. My exam week went well, I
applied the exercises, many thanks!


I am 68 years old and I am "very stressed" person, after 3 or 4 relaxation therapy sessions, I immediately felt a state of peace and calm, I had much less restless nights.

PAUL, Metz region