15 Oct 2021

Women-Mothers-Professional Life Workshop


WORKSHOP 1: My identity, my life choices and priorities?

Program of several workshops to improve your balance, your energy and your daily development.

  • Clarify your goals, your priorities, your life choices, your strengths and resources
  • Experiment and acquire everyday well-being tools
  • Identify your "energy eaters" (physical, mental and emotional energy)
  • Define a simple action plan
  • Be supported in achieving your goals
  • Share and discuss in a group, in a benevolent and friendly space

For any woman who wishes to give the best of herself in her different areas of life and who may be faced with difficulties, choices, life transitions.

Support from a certified professional coach including the learning of well-being tools; self-awareness and personal development based on your goals and needs.

  • Experiential exercises
  • Group work and discussions
  • Coaching exercises
  • Learn from each other, learn together


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