Consciousness and the body

The Sophrology is lived : experience, consciousness and knowledge is lived through the body's consciousness.

Sophrology, first of all invites us to experience (or relive) our bodily sensations, to let them come without judging them, without interpreting them. It helps us to develop our awareness of the here and now by anchoring us in our sensory consciousness and in our body diagram which are our sources of 'essential' information.

Awareness of our body in motion is done through dynamic sophrology exercises. This energy of movement naturally connects us to emotion. It connects us (or reconnect us) to our emotions through the movement of the body, it helps us to experience them fully, to understand them, and to accept them for what they are.

The link between inside and outside

The body can then live as the link between inside and outside, the place of our vital energy that we bring to others and to the world. Lived or relived in a positive way, our physical body, thus connected to our emotional and mental energy, becomes a safe place of resources and capabilities.

Sophrology accompanies us to live in our body consciously in order to be 'connected' to develop our learning abilities, of development and of adaptation; and to feel and to fully live the energy of our existential values. existential.