The return on investment of well-being at work.

Well-being at work impacts the performance of companies *.

From an employee's individual perception of feeling good at work, to the development of the company, there are many levels and factors.

Sophrology makes it possible to act on certain levers, individual and collective.

* (1) Golaszewski (2001) from 12 studies demonstrated the reduction in health care costs and absenteeism following the implementation of a prevention program Ozminkowski et al., (1999; 2001) carried out profitability studies to calculate the ROI (Return On Investment): At VisaDesjardins (the largest Canadian cooperative financial group), a three-year program contributed to a drop in absenteeism by 28 % and in the turnover of 54 %. For every dollar invested by this employer, the return was estimated to be $1.50 to 3.

The levers of sophrology on well-being at work

Doing and offering sophrology in businesses means acting on 3 levers:

- the autonomy and confidence given to each employee to be an actor in their well-being at work.

- taking into account the body, personal feelings, emotions at work: feeling good at work means being able to use your positive energy at work to motivate yourself and others, learn, share and trust, surpass oneself, show leadership and get involved in the common business projects.

- the energy of values: sophrology allows us to connect to our individual and collective existential values, to the energy of these values within us.
Fundamental awareness at the individual level, values are also the basis of the identity of the company and its development.
Values at work are not words on a brochure, a website... Values are lived, felt, carried through our actions and therefore through our body at work on a daily basis.

Stress management and prevention of psycho-social risks

The practice of sophrology helps provide daily tools to enable employees to:
- prevent musculoskeletal disorders by working on the release of tensions, on awareness of movements and gestures at work.
- acquire simple stress management tools (see sophrology and stress at work page)
- provide spaces of resilience and benevolence to welcome the emotional experience of changes, difficult situations, etc.

Motivation, collaboration, team spirit

Connect to your positive feelings, know how to put aside the negative to move forward together, recognise the other as a person who also feels emotions at work: the practice of relaxation therapy in a group helps to create meaning together, to open up to others, to develop empathy, etc.

Workshops with professional sophrologist

RNCP level III sophrologist, specialised in sophrology and concentration. EMCC accredited practitioner professional coach.

I integrate sophrology into the concrete objectives of HR, the training department or the business manager. Adapted to the context of the company, its culture and its environment, sophrology helps employees find their resources, anchor themselves in the positive and provides a space for emotional resilience if necessary.
  • individual in-company sessions
  • group relaxation therapy sessions
  • professional training workshops: Well-being & Performance

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