Individual relaxation therapy sessions

These individual sessions make it possible to support the person at work on his specific needs with an individualised approach. These sessions can take place:
  • in a company
  • in an office in Luxembourg city Kirchberg
  • online

Group relaxation therapy workshops for stress management

Provide employees with useful tools for daily stress management and to discover or practice relaxation therapy together. Each workshop has a specific theme and participants receive a summary sheet and a recording. Examples of themes: dynamic relaxation at work, breaks at work, management of mental load, emotions and stress, etc.

Sophrology group workshops for the development of potential

These workshops are centred on the development of capacities by involving "the head and the body": concentration and efficiency at work, use the energy of emotions; active listening, get involved and carry their values at work, self-control and difficult situations, etc.

Workshops: Learning to learn in business

Learning throughout life is essential. We learn with our whole body. Developed in partnership with an expert in pedagogy These workshops allow employees to feel, experience and live through the essential learning resources: unlearn and remove the brakes, the desire to learn, learn with the 5 senses, adaptation and flexibility, etc.

RNCP level III sophrologist, sophrology and concentration specialisation. EMCC practitioner accredited professional coach. Company trainer.

Well-being and performance at work do not develop with a 'relaxation' offer or a few massage sessions (admittedly useful). My approach is to support people in becoming aware of their resources and to make them experiment with useful tools to develop their performance and their well-being at the same time.

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