NadeRavoux Coach EMCC EIA

Curious, passionate about the development of people and meaningful projects.

  • Company trainer (Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Education Luxembourg certification)
  • RNCP III certified Sophrologist
  • Professional coach accredited EMCC Practitioner, RNCP level I
  • Narrative practitioner trained at La Fabrique Narrative in 2021, passionate about life stories, group stories and the history of my clients. 
  • Entrepreneur and manager of SoColibris sàrl

Over 15 years of business experience, including team management, project management and business development.


Reconversion and business creation.

Secretary of the association Positive Psychology Luxembourg.


Following an exhausting period, the discovery of sophrology brought me real well-being. And helped me to relaunch new professional projects in accordance with my values and my motivations. This is how SoColibris sàrl was co-created.

I am committed to fostering each small step of self-realisation in my clients and to fostering positive and meaningful changes in companies.

Each life story, group or team story is like a fine lace in permanent creation. Helping you pull on the right track to continue your beautiful story is my deep motivation.

My little personal touch

I support by combining the approaches of coaching and sophrology and narrative practices, in French, English and Romanian.

I train new skills by integrating 'head, body and heart' into learning.

This recharges my batteries

Seeing the positive things in people

Moving, dancing, going to appointments by bike, hiking in the mountains

Playing with my children, exchanging

Trying not to take myself seriously, say thank you...

I cultivate a positive attitude

Stoic, distinguishing what depends or not on me; and cultivate a different stance to how I look at things.

My 5 senses highlighted

Seeing all the shades of grey in the Luxembourg sky.

Listening to my children laughing

Feeling the heat of a cup of cappuccino

Tasting and appreciating all the aromas of a good glass of wine