Who are we?

Discover our team and its many skills.

Formatrice en entreprise, Sophrologue certifiée, Coach professionnel. Gérante SoColibris sàrl.
Chargée de soins support. Sophrologue certifiée. Accompagnement de la maladie et des aidants, Co-fondatrice
Ingénieur. Sophrologue certifiée. Professeur de yoga. Co-fondatrice
Chargée de Communication. Sophrologue Certifiée. 1er cycle Master Sophrologie Caycédienne, Co-fondatrice

Our skills

Among the many skills that our team can implement, we specialized in the following areas:


Everyday support for women

For mothers with professional responsibilities or plans: Are you questioning your life choices or feeling overwhelmed, exhausted by the stressful pace of daily life? We can help you rediscover the joy of spending quality time with your family, and the energy to be productive both in your personal and working life.

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Support for patients and caregivers

Are you suffering from illness, health problems, undergoing medical treatment? We can help you gain perspective and work through it in a relaxed manner. Do you work as a caregiver (family/home carer, nurse, nursing auxiliary, etc.)? We can help you learn to take care of your own needs, look after yourself and stay healthy whilst being fully present and tending fully to the needs of others.

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Stress management and well-being at work

Day-to-day well-being and how to combine productivity and well-being in the workplace. Whether you need help with a specific situation or overall self-knowledge, fulfilment and self-development, we are here to help.

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Our services

Our services are tailor-made to meet your specific needs.


Osons ensemble en 2021

Reconversion professionnelle : Osons ensemble en 2021 ! Un programme de formation - accompagnement innovant pour avancer vers vos nouveaux objectifs de changement professionnel en 2021 !

Conférence Stress : évacuez le négatif, inspirez le positif

Stress : Evacuez le négatif, inspirez le positif ! Nous entendons souvent parler du ‘’bon stress’’ et du ”mauvais stress’’. Mais comment faire la différence ?

Nos actualités pendant la pandémie Covid-19

Tous concernés, tous impactés, tous solidaires, et plus que jamais tous connectés.

Nouvelles formations 2020: Efficacité personnelle et bien-être au travail.

Vous allez au travail avec votre tête ou avec votre corps ? Ces 2 nouvelles formations vous permettent de développer vos capacités et vos compétences en vous donnant des outils pour être bien et être...

"Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving."
A. Einstein

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