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Individual relaxation therapy sessions

  • Relaxation and stress management
  • Accompaniment of the disease
  • Breast cancer support
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Mental load management / life balance
  • Self-confidence and development of potential
  • Anxiety (exam, parenthood, etc.)
  • Sessions for children or adolescents (concentration, learning, self-confidence ...)


An initial and preliminary session is offered to get to know each other, try sophrology and clarify your request, the context, your objectives. Following this session, a contractual proposal including the number of sessions, the terms and prices is made to you.

A sophrology session always includes: a prior exchange (context, news, request); a relaxation phase; a specific practice in relation to your objective; a memorisation phase; a post-practice dialogue. The sophrologist can offer follow-up exercises with recording and inter-session monitoring.

Nadege Ravoux

Nadège Ravoux

Sophrologist certified RNCP level III
Graduated from CEAS Paris.

Member of the Federation of Professional Schools in Sophrology.

Member of Union of Professional Sophrologists.

Concentration and relaxation therapy specialisation.

Trained and certified to support people facing burnout with sophrology techniques and practices.

Individual session price in Luxembourg

  • normal sophrology session in an office: 90 EUR
  • short sophrology session, follow-up in the office: 80 EUR
  • mixed coaching and sophrology session or long session (1h15 - 1h30 minutes): between 110 and 150 EUR
The price includes a summary of the session (exercises practiced, progress / objectives); records; inter-session monitoring and availability. The online sophrology sessions are carried out under a suitable support contract, including the number of sessions agreed.

The sophrology session can be supplemented by a complementary approach: coaching with narrative practices, life story, to properly support the client in his request.

Sophrology session in Luxembourg

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