Professional retraining - Osons Ensemble 2021
25 Jan 2021

Professional retraining: Let's dare together in 2021!


Your current position no longer meets your expectations? You are thinking of a professional retraining. Do you feel the need to take on new challenges or are you considering applying for the job of your dreams?

Whatever the reasons that push you to change your professional horizon, your decision and your actions deserve to be aligned with your beliefs, your experiences and your behaviors.

To dare and find your solutions: The first step will be… letting go. Solving a problem will not be found by the part of the brain that works on it: the concentrated mode. To establish new connections between your neurons, the diffuse mode is that of letting go. And in order to be able to create new solutions, it is necessary to alternate these two modes.

This is how we decided to combine sophrology and neuro-coaching for an innovative approach. To combine mental agility with body-mind links to help you find your resources for your change!

To move from the discomfort zone to the magic learning zone. To move from emotion to action.


An experiential and collaborative learning space

Finding resources thanks to collective intelligence means learning, experimenting and sharing together to move forward faster.

This is why we offer an innovative concept combining:

  • collaborative learning space in the form of a user-friendly interactive virtual platform.
  • From Lunch & Learn workshops: experiential, with short learning capsules combining neuro-coaching and sophrology approaches for learning and 'learning and learning'.
  • individual coaching follow-up during the training period, tailored to individual needs to boost your development.
  • From learning between participants through exchanges, meetings, unforeseen events ...

Adaptable and adaptable training within the company
You want to promote collaborative learning in your company to dare to change together. Contact us: or

Collaborative workshops: LET'S DARE TOGETHER in 2021 in partnership: SoColibris and Mindgility.

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