Well-being at Work Training Concentration
17 Nov 2021

Concentration at work and digital tools


These professional training series aim to provide you with concrete knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop your concentration skills at work.

In a world where capturing your attention has become a real economy, understanding the mechanisms of attention and developing concentration are essential skills.

 Goals :

Know and differentiate the basic mechanisms of attention, mental dispersion and concentration.

Understand the link between the work environment and the impact on attention and concentration.

Identify your own dispersal factors, resources and helping behaviors.

Experiment with behavioral exercises and tools that allow you to focus and stay focused.

Understand the link between motivation, flow, concentration and mental energy. Apply.


The different forms of attention and concentration.

My work environment and its dispersal factors (multitasking, digital, interruptions, open space)

My factors promoting concentration and my helping behaviors.

My 'anti-scattering' toolbox.

Self-analysis. Action plan and implementation.


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