Women's support programme

Women: balance, energy and fulfilment day-to-day.

You can expect the following results:

  • Set out and understand your life choices, your priorities, your objectives and your deep motivations.
  • Become more relaxed in your daily life and maximise your energy:
    • Become more aware of and connected with your body, your feelings and your emotions.
    • Learn to recover better, deal better with stress, and release both physical and mental tension.
    • Develop positive thinking to overcome obstacles.
  • Improve your concentration and performance at work.
  • Rediscover the joy of being present for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Communicate better with those around you.

We use recognised strategies, such as coaching and mind-body techniques in a work context. We follow the best practice codes of the organisations of which we are members (EMCC for coaching and SSP for sophrology).

You will find a solution which works for you, to find balance and fulfilment. There is no magic solution for your professional and personal life choices, you must make an enlightened, independent choice for yourself. Our support programmes respect each woman's differences.


I discovered sophrology at the age of 36, following a phase of professional exhaustion.

This discipline opened new doors to self-knowledge and self-awareness: body, mind, emotions, etc. It gave me the tools to become energised, live better day-to-day, and to carry out both my personal and professional plans.

Today I provide support using a unique combination:

  • my personal experience as a mother of two,
  • my career marked by a number of changes (expatriation, being made redundant, etc.), a variety of roles (marketing, business development, managing an overseas subsidiary), and my career change;
  • working as both a certified professional coach and certified sophrologist.

I love adapting my methods to each woman according to her individual needs and situation, in order for her to use the available resources to develop well-being, fulfilment, and to be the best she can be.

I am committed to achieving success, and expect the same commitment from you.

Nadège Ravoux, coach and sophrologist, is our specialist in women's support programmes.

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