Wellness, stress management and performance

Wellness, stress management and performance at work

Themed workshops and training programs

We also offer 'Lunch & Learn' workshops, bespoke training and conferences on specific topics.

Our main topics:

  • Relax and eliminate physical and mental tension in 15 minutes
  • Maximise your potential: mind-body strategies for everyday athletes
  • Concentration in the workplace and preventing distraction
  • Coaching and support for women
  • Team building, opening up to others and sharing values
  • Support for caregivers
  • etc.

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Support for individual employees for specific situations:

  • taking on a new role, promotion, leadership
  • preventing burn out or returning after burn out
  • work-life balance
  • concentration and efficiency

We also work with national programmes for the unemployed, young people and individuals undergoing career changes.

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We offer group sophrology sessions. These sessions are organised according to your needs and availability, and generally last one hour.

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