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Support for cancer patients

Why use sophrology in cancer treatment, and which methods are used?

  1. Sophrology allows patients to become more aware of themselves and take an active role in their treatment programmes (relaxation, breathing, repetition and visualisation)
  2. By improving cancer patients' emotional well-being, we can help them to cope better with each stage of their illness.
  3. Sophrology provides the tools and strategies for relaxation and to become receptive, leading to quick recovery in stressful situations.

Medical trials have proved the positive impact of sophrology on patients, particularly on their way of life and of approaching illness at each stage of treatment. With each patient, I work closely with their whole medical team.

In partnership with the Claude Bernard clinic, an advocate of this approach, and with the support of the Ligue contre le Cancer, every cancer patient is given the option to take one of these sessions in order to learn to (re-)activate their abilities and strengths.

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Diane Welfringer-Lapaque is our specialist in sophrology in medical contexts.

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