Socolibris is the result of our experience in sophrology: we are four certified sophrologists with diplomas from CEAS Paris.

With our professional and life experiences and on our individual specialties, we offer well-being and stress-management services, coaching and personal development, in luxembourg and in france.

Our shared values are the cornerstone of our company:

  • Professionalism
  • Respect for the diversity amongst us and our clients
  • Humanity and goodwill
  • Autonomy and client empowerment.

Why “socolibris”?

Do you know the amerindian legend of the humming bird? (colibri in french!) No? Here it is:

One day, there was a huge forest fire. All terrified animals were watching the disaster helplessly. Only the little humming bird was busy, fetching a few water drops to throw on the fire. After a while, the armadillo, annoyed by this ridiculous agitation, said, “humming bird! Are you mad? It is not with these drops of water that you’re going to put out the fire! ‘and the hummingbird replied,’ i know i cannot do it alone, but i’m doing my part. ”

This legend is relevant. We are all humming birds, everyone doing his or her part, freely their own scale and rhythm, in a personal but also collective journey.

Socolibris, like sophrology, is a practice aiming at becoming a precious resource to give you wings to liberate and alleviate the burdens which have become too heavy…

For those reasons, we are ‘’so colibris!“


*Répertoire National de la Certification Professionnelle en France. Niveau III.